Monday, November 3, 2008

The American Press let America down on Purpose

Surely there will be hell to pay...

In a response to an article by Roger Kimball at Pajamas Media asking if Obama would be the commander-in-chief or the nanny-in-chief, cfbleachers [comment 15] answers, “Nanny or Commander? Maybe neither.” and refers to a Stanley Kurtz article at National Review, Senator Stealth: How to advance radical causes when no one’s looking. After crediting Kurtz as, “one of the most important scribes of this time period,” and offering a quote regarding Obama’s ties to the Gamaliel Foundation, cfbleachers lists 15 failures of the press:

  1. We asked about the association with Frank Marshall Davis, the angry and bitter mentor with CPUSA ties, and they completely ignored us, telling us it didn’t matter.

  2. We found out by ourselves, without them lifting a finger, about Jeremiah Wright and his frothing diatribes against America and Israel. When we asked them to look into this, they completely ignore us and told us it didn’t matter.

  3. When Wright screeched for God to damn America, that the white man had invented AIDS to kill black people, that Louis Farrakhan was a hero and a role model, we asked them again to help us reveal items of importance, and again they ignored us and told us it didn’t matter.

  4. So we looked up James M. Cone’s liberation theopolitics ourselves and found that it is based on Marxist principles, that they have threatened their deity…if their deity doesn’t hate whites, they will kill him. And we asked them to use their resources to help us understand why anyone would follow such a line of thinking and they ignored us and told us it didn’t matter.

  5. Then we saw another dear friend, Michael Pfleger…acting out a bizarre minstrel show, raging against white people and their grandfathers and 401k’s. And we asked them to help us understand the attraction to such a buffoon, and they ignored us and said it didn’t matter.

  6. So we trudged off to dig again on our own for when these folks became “dear friends” and “spiritual guides” and “mentors” and we found a basic history of mediocre to poor grades at Occidental College, certainly nothing of distinction or honors level…somehow translating into an acceptance at Columbia University. We asked how that could occur, given the extremely stringent entrance requirements, and they ignored us and said it didn’t matter.

  7. Not only did the lack of scholarly achievement gain entrance to Columbia, it held fast throughout the stay there. There is not an ounce of record or shred of documentation that shows mere attendance, much less achievement. And yet, upon this ghost of a resume, acceptance into Harvard Law School, an institution with notoriously improbable statistics for gaining entry for those who score at the top of their class. We asked for an explanation, and we were ignored and told it didn’t matter.

  8. During these Columbia years, we came to find that a co-conspirator in the mass murder of innocent Americans lived within walking distance. We also learned of some Socialist meeting halls at some Cooper place. We asked for details on all of this and we were told none would be forthcoming, because it didn’t matter.

  9. This Ayers and his wife Dohrn hold such extremist radical views, they…unlike Wright, did not ask for God to damn America…they sought to embrace enemies who would incinerate it here on earth. Ayers apparently masterminded an indoctrination of schoolchildren plot, that was hidden behind stealth words and code names. He handpicked operatives to field general his master plan and we asked for help in uncovering his lifelong plan of overthrow of the government. We were told it didn’t matter, he was a “respected” professor among his fellow travelers in academia and the entrenched media…so it really, really didn’t matter.

  10. One of the handpicked operatives is a guy named Michael Klonsky. This fellow was a chief blogger on the campaign welcome wagon and a Maoist who met with the Communist Chinese in an effort to prop up Maoism here at home. Klonsky, something called the New Party, the Democratic Socialists of America, the Students for a Democratic Society, the Weathermen…all seemed to overlap much like a clear plastic layout where one additonal layer adds to the picture of the last. We asked about connecting the dots with all these elements, and we were told no, go away and quit asking questions…it just doesn’t matter.

  11. So, as we wondered how in the world these extremists were funded, we came upon a couple of boards of “charitable” organizations where Ayers once again popped up. Apparently millions and millions of dollars would be ground up like sausage, so as not to be recognizable and then would funnel through to various extremist ideological fronts. Apparently other board members were kept in the dark, or only served in yawning rote rubber stamp positions while this was being plotted right under their noses. Nobody knows, because nobody has aksed them…because, we are told…it didn’t matter.

  12. One of the fundings went to this guy named Rashid Khalidi. He was an apologist for Arafat and a defender of suicide bombers of innocent children and women. He was feted at some dinner and they got a copy of the tape of this dinner, we asked them to see it and they said the source (perhaps Ali Abuminah, but maybe not) was more important than the truth. We said it was important to know what was on that tape and they told us our opinion doesn’t matter.

  13. So Stanley Kurtz went digging for himself into how the Woods Foundation worked and the CAC was inter-related, and he went to a public university and to a public library to do the digging that they would not. And he was told that he would be refused access. We asked them to come to the aid of free speech, public access to documents, to help repel the coverup of information that is vital to our liberties as a nation. They sat on their hands and said it didn’t matter.

  14. Joe the Plumber was approached at his home, seeking neither attention nor even leaving his property to invite it, and he said that the increase in taxation on certain folks sounded unfair to him. He did not a single thing more, and he was attacked viciously, not for the question, but because of a part of the answer. In fact, his privacy was invaded and illegally used as a campaign tool to continue the vicious attack. We asked that they engage in the condemnation of such vile usage of power and they sat on their hands and told us it didn’t matter.

  15. Three of their brethren journalists have been eliminated from the plane as we approach the finish line, and coincidentally, all three who have been thrown off…are the ones who endorsed the opposing candidate. In asking them if that should be the future conduct as it applies to them, they sat on their hands and said it didn’t matter.
And, now…in the final days…Stanley Kurtz, Joe the Plumber, and fair minded and reasonable people everywhere are asking the last couple of questions.

Since all of the above have gone completely without a shred of investigation on your part, what if this candidate indeed shares those views of radical extremism? The methodologies of “boling the frog” one degree at a time? Perhaps it is far fetched….and yes, we anticipate your accusations of tin foil hat paranoia…but, simply answer the question. Because, you don’t know…and neither do we. You never asked the question. So, now…what if?

And the answer they gave is this…if it is true and he is already elected, by the time we find out for real…it’s not going to matter.

And for the first time, in a long time…I believed them.
Nov 1, 2008 - 10:15 am